2NE1 Release Their Final Music Video for “Goodbye.”

So Blackjacks, the end is nigh!

2NE1 투애니원 have released their first record in almost 3 years, and unfortunately, it’s their last. I felt genuinely sad when watching the video.

The music video gave the feel of watching old home movies, as everything was displayed in black and white, and clips of their past successes were shown in the background- Minzy included. I could sense genuine sadness, and it didn’t seem like any of the members were acting.

It is, what it is.

CL originally wrote this song for her own solo album (U.S debut), but then felt that it would be nice for the group to say goodbye collectively.

Each member was dressed in black, which gives a sense of mourning and sadness; especially with the excessive use of rose petals and candles. This was 2NE1’s funeral in an entire music video!

I felt like the pain could be heard in each of their vocals.

“Anneyong.” 안녕  “Anneyong.” 안녕

“Does anyone know? Does anyone know? How it makes me feel?”

Absolutely, heart-wrenching.

It’s a bitter-sweet end, and we will never truly know what the real story was. But one thing I’m sure of is that no one will ever take their place.



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