5 Highly Anticipated March Comebacks!

There are so many comebacks pending! And March is definitely the month of fire! All of my favourite groups are coming back!

In no particular order, as I just couldn’t choose. Take a look at my 5 anticipated comebacks.

HIGHLIGHT 하이라이트 (Formally Known as BEAST/B2ST 비스티)

Since leaving Cube entertainment, Highlight have quickly started working on their new album, under “Around Us Entertainment. This is scheduled to be released on 20th March, and I wonder what kind of sound they will bring to us? I always wonder if they will ever be able to perform their old songs? Surely they should, as they have written some of them. You can follow Highlight via their V Live channel for further updates!

I wonder what this teaser picture means?


GOT7 갓세븐

GOT7 갓세븐 have already been releasing teaser images and videos since 28th February! The title track is called “Never Ever”, and I feel like it will be a slow song, based on what we have heard so far. If you don’t know, you can pre-order “Flight Log: Arrival” now!

MONSTA X 몬스타엑스

MONSTA X have kept everything under wraps, and we haven’t seen any teasers as of yet! We do know that they’ve been in the studio for a while now, and this will be their first full album! Will Monbebe’s all over the world see MONSTA X in their countries this year? Let us pray! Until then, let’s watch Wonho and Shownu in tank tops…

DAY6 데이식스

Day6 are finally in full swing, and are releasing one song a month! This is known as “Every Day6.” I think this a very clever way of marketing the underrated band! My favourite song so far is “I Wait 아 왜.” The teaser for March’s song “How Can I Say 어떻게 말해” has been released, and I love the sound already!

BAP 비에이피

Not only do we have a new single, but it’s also the return of Bang Yongguk!  방영국 Yaaaassss! the teasers are beautiful! The concept is mysterious and sexy! They all look as equally as rude as each other, and I don’t know if my heart is ready for this!

Who are you most excited to see?

Leave a comment below!


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