DPR Live is back! Just 7 months after his hit EP ‘Coming To You Live’ and 9 days before his explosive London debut show, Mr Hong Da Bin has treated fans once again with an amazing new track.

Noticeably more subdued than the tracks on his recent EP, ‘Jasmine’ appears to hark back to his earlier debut music while still being a unique development in DPR Live’s work, showing how much he has grown into his artistry in such a short space of time. We can never get enough of his deep and low voice in this song which he doesn’t often use (please use it more often!) His voice partnered with the excellently produced track is a match made in heaven. This is a track you can just vibe to and not have a care in the world!

What’s great about this song is that it manages to sound perfectly DPR Live, but also perfectly Code Kunst, who produced this track. The muted guitar that plays throughout the track appears to be a new favourite of the popular producer who has included this sound in many tracks on his album ‘MUGGLES’ MANSION.’ We never knew how much we needed a DPR Live and Code Kunst collaboration until now!

Now, what would be a DPR track without the signature DPR video! All hail the legend that is Mr Christian Yu! The muted tones of this cinematic music video brings out the more mellow track and, like always, is visually stunning. The video holds back on DPR’s signature colourful and playful effects and only adds subtle colour changes and effects here and there, allowing the viewer to focus more on the track with the video to support and compliment it. This is what you get when a genius creates a music video!

With only a week standing between us and what will be an epic show, this song has got us even more excited which we didn’t think was possible! The DPR crew definitely knew what they were doing when they decided to release this track when they did. All we can say is thank you!

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