K-Drama and chill? Yaasss. Here are 5 dramas that will get you in the mood for Valentines day!

Ahh Valentine’s Day. Let’s just leave it at that because half the world is happy and the other is depressed. But this year, Kpopbox has prepared a list of dramas that will uplift you and make you cry a little (it comes with the package). Without further ado lets get this list rolling!

1. Healer (2014)


Yes healer, don’t argue with me. It is by far one of the best romantic dramas to date! Nobody does it like Ji chang wook! He is both boyish cute and dangerously handsome and that works for me. Park min Young is his love interest and one of my favourite actresses. She was in one of the first Korean dramas I watched back in 2013.  Ahh how time flies! Healer is both heart melting and stressful. Why stressful? Because every episode left me on edge!! The fight scenes were so beautifully executed! And he did all of his on stunts!The storyline was both wonderful and solid. I like a solid plot, one where the viewer knows where the story is heading but has no clue how it’s going to reach its destination! And the ending was just perfect! Sadly Ji Jang wook will be enlisting in the military soon 😭



2. Jealousy Incarnate (2016)


What an Incredible drama! You really have to understand Kong Hyo-Jin as  person first to understand her as an actress. Her humour, her subtly humour. Her body language say it’s all! She just so down to earth and humble about love. Don’t even get me started on the two male leads!!! I love them both! If you’ve watched Oh My Ghost, you will understand my obsessions with the man that is Cho Jung suk. He plays every role perfectly, and I do mean perfectly! His hilarious facial expressions and his singing skills are no joke. He is also the boyfriend of famous OST singer ‘Gummy’. And last but not least the charming Ko Gyung-Pyo from the hit tvN reply series: Reply 1988. Not only is he so amazing fashionable in this drama, his charisma is off the chart! He completely swayed me to his side (sorry Jung suk-ssi). This drama will totally have you falling head over heels this Valentine’s Day! Hilarious moments and slices of life moments are more than packed in this splendid drama!

3. One Sunny day

So Ji Sub anyone? No? Okay. Guess I’ll keep him to myself. For the love of God, why was this so short??? It should have been a 20 episode drama. Okay maybe not that long but close enough! It was so sweet and just rainbows! If you like a drama that draws you in a quite and thoughtful way…one sunny day is for you. The dreamy OST alongside the beautiful scenery of Jeju island was just perfect mix. If you’re looking for a lovely way to spend valentines this year, I’d say give this short drama a try. You won’t regret it. And who knew I would end up loving the mean girl from Heirs? She was a total scene stealer in DOTS, amazing actress!

4. Bubblegum

This one is s little on the depressing side, but it was so good! I just loved the pace of every episode, the heart breaking moments and then the joyous moments of love and laughter! Now that Goblin has finished and you miss the Grim reaper, here’s your chance to fall in love with him all over again. Don’t be put off by the reviews, judge it for yourself and then thank me later.

5. Age Of Youth


ahhh the feeling of falling in love and breaking up. I’ve never actually felt any of this but that is not the point here! This drama made my summer go from 0 to 100 real quick! Literally I was bored out of my brain one afternoon and bam! Life hit me. Not only did this drama teach how be considerate of others (I already was and am) but it shows you it in ways you never would have thought of. Five girls with five different personalities end up living in a boarding house that seems to have one thing after another happening. Get ready to swoon with all the hotties on screen!! Life lessons shall be learnt from this day forward.

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