Former Miss A Member Jia Was Dating During Her Miss A Day??

It seems like it is possible within the Kpop sphere to keep your relationships “hush hush” if you really want to and Jia explained to Chinese reporter on the 5th that it really is.

Jia is preparing for her solo album under Banana culture music in China. Jia has been very hands-on with this album especially the lyrics. She was asked about certain lyrics especially the theme of love and where she drew inspiration from. She then revealed she had been dating a celebrity for two years during her Miss A days.

“Actually, I dated for two years with a  fellow entertainer during my Miss A activities.

People have to love”

Jia spoke about who she was at the time and why they broke up. In addition, she got a lot of help from Miss A member Fei whilst working on the lyrics.

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