ICYMI: [OMG…No?]: Madtown Files Lawsuit Against Agency

Boy group, MADTOWN have filed requests for an injunction on their contracts with their agency, GNI Entertainment.

Back in March, the CEO of GNI Entertainment was arrested for fraud, resulting in many GNI employees including managers and executives leaving the agency due to not getting paid their salaries meaning MADTOWN had no management or support from the agency.

“The members, once they are released from their contracts, will look into what they need to do next.” – A close source to MADTOWN spoke to Sports Chosun


On 12th September MADTOWN’s legal representatives stepped forward. Lawyer Sun Jong Moon of Sun & Partners spoke to the media about why the injunction was filed.

 “MADTOWN has been receiving no monetary, material, or human resources from their agency. There are no employees working in their agency, their website is down, and the office space has already been sold. MADTOWN has no transportation, no manager, and not even a dormitory. This makes it impossible for the members to hold any activities, and they have been unable to promote since their last album, which was released in June 2016.

Just when they were about to blossom as a group, they were forced to move agencies (In 2016, MADTOWN had to change labels to GNI Entertainment from J. Tune Camp, which was in the process of closing its business). And now they are in a situation where they can’t perform at all, and they’re hurting because of it.”  – Lawyer Sun Jong Moon

Sun Jong Moon also touched upon what they expect from this injection

“As long as their current contract is in effect, MADTOWN cannot receive help from or sign on with a different agency. They need resources to create music and be active as singers, but that’s impossible in their current situation. Like many other celebrities who have made their debut in the industry, the members of MADTOWN all went through long training periods before finally making their debut. But they have been unable to promote for over a year now. All they want is to be able to perform and promote freely.”


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