Is This The End For Topp Dogg? – Topp Dogg Line Up Change

Hunus Entertainment (Topp Dogg’s agency) on 29th September made an announcement on Topp Dogg’s fan cafe about the group’s lineup change.

Hunus confirmed that some members will be joining the KBS idol rebooting show “The Unit”. These members are Xero, Hojoon, Sangdo, Yano and B-Joo.

As we already know Topp Dogg’s A-Tom or you may know him as Kim Sang Gyun appeared on Produce 101 Season 2 and is planning to debut with JBJ on 18th October. (JBJ are a group that consist of eliminated trainees of the show). No further discussion on A-Tom ‘s future activities after the fact but Hunus have stated it will be discussed after JBJ’s promotions and he returns back to the agency.

(A-Tom / Kim Sang Gyun)



Hansol expressed his desire to leave Topp Dogg back in 2016 after the promotion of their full album “First Street”, He is planning to enlist soon and he has already moved out their dorms, no further update has been given but it doesn’t seem like he has left the agency.


P-Goon, who is the leader is also planning to enlist and there have been discussions about him pursuing acting once he completes his service.


Nakta wants to work on solo activities in electronica and the agency respects his discussion and agreed to cancel his exclusive contract, they state it was a careful decision and fans should still support him.


Hunus Entertainment stress that the decisions were very hard to make and a lot of time has gone into it, they apologise to fans and ask fans to support each member as they pursue certain activities.

So is this the end to Topp Dogg or will the 5 remaining members get the recognition they deserve going on The Unit?



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