[MUSIC MONDAY] Rewind Releases

Music Monday is back for another week presenting to you the recent comebacks that you need to pay attention to. Along with releases from offonoff, LOONA’s Choerry and Nell, these tracks need to go in your playlists as we prepare for the week ahead.


The unique girl group, Dreamcatcher, returned with a new single ‘Fly High’ and once again demonstrated their underrated talent. The song is in their signature rock style, with sharp choreography and a beautiful cinematic music video in spectacular locations. The song is further elevated by their powerful vocals and the pulsing guitar throughout and the group prove once again that they are a force to be reckoned with and we predict they will start tasting mass success soon. Read our ‘Song of the Week’ article for a more in-depth look at the song.


Btob’s Lim Hyungsik brought to fans a heartfelt, romantic song this week, depicting the promise to eternally return to a lover. The song and video exude a melancholic nostalgia with the song using a soft rock style with electronic elements with Hyunsik’s soft voice ranging from the lows of his range to his upper range, and the video showing images of record players and records of nirvana among other artists. The music video highlights the yearning declaration of the song through the muted tones of the colours used and images of him embracing his lover and staring out to the cold sea in the evening. Hyunsik is also seen playing the expertly composed guitar solo in the middle of the song, highlighting his talent and passion towards music and this song. This is definitely a must watch and listen to!


Monsta X released their new track ‘Newton’ last week and it was a lovely change from their previous tough and dynamic tracks and concepts. The boys adopted the look and attitude of sweet and fun boyfriends in this warm and bright confessional track as they are seen having fun and smiling while driving together, playing games and having a BBQ. Despite the brighter song, IM and Jooheon still manage to bring killer raps that still fit with the lighter concept despite their tough appearances and did an amazing job as always. One of the highlights of the video for us was being welcomed into the video with the sweet and smiling Hyungwon, making us fall in love with him and the boys even more.


In typical Laboum fashion, their comeback is bright, colourful and energetic. These girls clearly understand a formula the works for them well and have the skill and talent to use it in different ways to bring cohesive yet different songs each time. The girls show how close they are with each other, smiling and having fun together and paired with an energetic, cute and sexy dance, the song becomes a bright mood lifter and one for those carefree summer days.



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