[REVIEW] Triple H & Their Funky Fresh Debut – How Was It Received?

An explosive debut! Cube’s newest co-ed unit, Triple H, released their first mini album on May 1st to masses of opinion, both positive and negative. The unit consists of the cute and sexy queen Hyuna, and members of the new and exciting group Pentagon, Hui and E’Dawn (Hyojong). The unit dubbed the ‘2nd Trouble Maker’ debuted their first mini-album ‘199X’ with funky title track ‘365 Fresh’ to a mixed reception.

The song is a funky, 90’s throwback track that instantly sparks a groove in anyone. The lyrics highlight a youthful vitality and a want to stand out from the crowd and for freedom.

The upbeat vibe of the song seemingly juxtaposes with the darker themes of the video. The MV features a rape attempt, violence, suicidal acts and scenes of a sexually suggestive nature. As expected, these visuals have struck a chord with some viewers, spawning some negative comments. Some think that the rating should be a 19 rating instead of a 15. Others think that the theme of suicide was not handled appropriately and sensitively enough and either glorify and romanticise suicide or that the MV promotes suicide and will influence viewers.

The visuals during E’Dawn’s verse were undoubtedly alarming at first, as such display of suicidal acts hasn’t really been seen in this way in Korean media. When gaining an understanding of why some people feel negatively of the presentation of the suicidal themes, you need to consider the relation between South Korean society and mental health issues. There isn’t much discussion and presentation about suicide and mental health issues in South Korea and some consider the topic as quite taboo. Therefore, these striking visuals may be taken negatively by some viewers.

In addition to the suicidal visuals, the music video also features a sexually suggestive scene with the three members in a bed, with Hyuna and E’Dawn seemingly naked. This was a cause for alarm for some viewers who were angered what it could possibly be implying. This may also be due to the lack of exposure more adult themes have in Korean media.

However, there are many viewers who dispute these comments and support the video’s content. They view the video as a display of the themes in an artistic and cinematic way that does not promote such acts. Others believe the video is a social commentary on South Korean society, bringing awareness and more presence of these themes in Korean media.

Despite the conflicting viewpoints, it is undeniable that the music video is gripping, artistic and electric. The thrilling vitality of the misfit trio drives the music video that manages to combine both modern visuals and a retro nostalgia. Hyuna, Hui and Hyojong all play their character’s excellently and effectively to tell the story of individuals finding comfort and life in each other.

Many fans have expressed their love for the song, album and MV and are supporting the trio in their upcoming activities. However, everyone is now looking at what Triple H create in the future after this dividing music video.


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