SM Ent to the Media: “Don’t Report Speculation”- Agency Responds To Sexual Harassment Claims Made Against SHINee’s Onew

It was reported earlier today (12th August) that SHINee member Onew has been accused of sexual harassment. Onew’s agency SM Entertainment left a statement.

“As a public figure, Onew is reflecting deeply on the anxiety and concern he has caused through unpleasant reports made about him earlier today. Onew went to a club on August 12 in order to congratulate a friend who made their debut as a DJ. Due to his intoxicated state, Onew unintentionally came into physical contact with those around him. This caused a misunderstanding between him and another individual, which is why he was brought in for questioning by the police.

However, the individual has acknowledged that there was a misunderstanding and that the incident was something that could happen because of intoxication, and dropped the charge against Onew. Onew will earnestly comply with the remaining investigation…We apologize once again for any anxiety or concern this incident may have caused anyone.” – SM Entertainment

In addition to that, they made it very clear to the media not to report speculation without having all the facts as this can be very damaging to Onew’s image and career.


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