[SONG OF THE WEEK]: CLC – Where Are You?

This past week, CLC released their 6th mini album, “Free ‘SM”. Along with this, they’ve released a music video for their song “Where are you?”.

This song itself has a very jazz-oriented sound, with soft vocals and a chill, slow beat. Unlike their past songs, like their 2016 hit, “No Oh No”, “Where are you?” is definitely more slow and relaxed.

The members of CLC are somewhat known for having good harmony when it comes to their music, so it’s no surprise that this song definitely comes together nicely. The music video is definitely unique compared to what they usually produce. Compared to “Pepe”, their music video from 2015, “Where are you?” is much less colorful when it comes to visuals. However, both music videos contain excellent choreography. In “Where are you?”, during the moments where there is dancing, the members of CLC seem very in-sync and well-practiced.

In conclusion, “Where are you?” is an excellent step away from the songs that CLC has produced in the past. It’s more relaxed, and the music video definitely reflects this observation. There’s no doubt that this uniqueness is what makes this song the “song of the week”.


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