[SONG OF THE WEEK] Day6 – Be Lazy

Day6 released two amazing singles for the month of July  The first one was ‘Hi Hello’, which, in its own right, is a very good song. However, the other single, ‘Be Lazy’, has an amazing beat, a catchy vibe, and would be perfect to listen to any time of the day.

When listening to ‘Be Lazy’, one can immediately catch the pop-punk vibe that it radiates. In a way, the song’s beat could almost be compared to that of disco music, which is almost unheard of for a K-pop song. Overall, the song is catchy, upbeat, and sounds like it could be the perfect tune to add to one’s summer playlist. It’s the type of song that you could find yourself bobbing your head to on your couch.

The song, when I listened to it, made me feel, for some reason, like a character in an action movie. For something with a title telling you to “be lazy”, it sure makes you want to take on the world.

With all this in mind, I implore you to find time to listen to this song. After you do that and, like me, get a good workout by trying to dance to it, be sure to keep Day6 in mind. We can’t wait until Day6 drops music again on August 1st, for one, sincerely hope that Day6 can pull off another great success in their next release.


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