This past week, EXO dropped a new album: “The War”. This album has been much anticipated, and the songs in it have failed to disappoint. Along with the album, a music video for the song “Ko Ko Bop” was also released by the group.


The music itself is very well-made, with amazing choreography and a nice splash of colour that reminds one of summer.

Baekhyun opens up with the first line of shimmy shimmy ko ko bop”, while, in the music video, he sits in a vintage-looking red convertible with what some have pointed out as a “Tennessee-style” mullet.

It was a good call to give Baekhyun the first line, as he possesses a bright and masculine voice, making listeners of the song interested. The song itself starts off with a good, almost reggae-style beat. Once it comes around to the chorus, however, the beat becomes extremely dancey, and, after Kai sings “we goin’ ko ko bop”, there’s a change to a dubstep-like music break.

I, personally, played this song to a friend who does not like K-pop, and she admitted that she liked the song for its “catchiness”. Needless to say, this song is definitely worth the anticipation. Even with the absence of Lay, who decided not to be a part of the comeback due to his promotions in China, EXO has managed to make another hit without him. The 8 members that are in the music video also look very good and have somewhat equal amounts of screen time. Overall, this song is a definite must for not only those who are aware of EXO but also those who appreciate good music.



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