[Music Monday]: The Bops Y’all Might Of Missed!

It has been a while since Kpopbox has done a Music Monday! I think it is time to bring this baby back. (more…)

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K-Drama and chill? Yaasss. Here are 5 dramas that will get you in the mood for Valentines day!

Ahh Valentine’s Day. Let’s just leave it at that because half the world is happy and the other is depressed. But this year, Kpopbox has prepared a list of dramas that will uplift you and make you cry a little (it comes with the package). Without further ado lets get this list rolling!


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Park Seo Joon has just become a male model for America’s top upper market apparel fashion brand ‘Tommy Hilfiger’

Here are pictures proving why Park Seo jun is the perfect choice! Park Seo Joon is an actor who is in the current drama ‘Hwarang’. He is best known for his role in ‘Kill me, Heal me’ and ‘She was Pretty’. His charisma both on and off screen is incredible as is his personality on variety shows. KeyEast Entertainment (which also houses ‘My love from the star’ actor Kim Soo Hyun) released an Instagram post informing fans of the new and exciting opportunity the actor has been presented with.  (more…)

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