#ThankYou2NE1 21 Reasons Why We Are Thankful

Since news broke that 2NE1 has broken up, it has broken many of hearts around the world. They had an amazing 7 years so instead of crying lets remember 21 reasons why we are thankful for their service to KPOP.

1. They Broke The Kpop Girl Group Stereotype

In 2009 2NE1 debut and it shook up the K-pop scene. They were so different from their peers, they weren’t bubble gum pop and cutesy. They were fierce and badass, not just with their image but their sound. Implementing many genres of music into their sound whether that was hip-hop, EDM or reggae.




2. Amazing Ad-Libs Which We All Screamed From The Top Of Our Lungs.

whether it was “eh eh”, “Bam ra ta ta ta” or “come baby baby” their signature sounds brought us closer together and it was always iconic. If you knew nothing else it was the best way to join in.


2ne1-care 2ne1best

3. You felt every song lyrics (They had songs about everything)

From songs like I am the best which made you feel badass or Ugly where you felt like you weren’t the most beautiful, you were able to relate to every song and sing them (in really bad Korean) at the top of your lungs.



4. Amazing Music Videos.

With their badass songs, you always had amazing visuals to follow. From the all gold set in Falling In Love to the futuristic feel in Come Back Home, they were always able to bring the music to life.


tumblr_mpm2smzmur1rkhpm1o5_400 tumblr_na9l8a2xwm1tz6r1ko3_500

5 & 6 Being Fashion Icons and having the flexibility to switch it up.

Not just their music stands out but their fashionable styles too. From street wear to the bizarre (I still don’t understand that unicorn dress), they were still able to pull it off and it still represented them. They used a range of colours and they can do street to formal without it coming across as forced. The fashion helps expresses their powerful presence.


2n1 2ne1-mtv-vma-japan-2012 20130101_kfashionista_2ne1

7. Badass performances

I do not need to elaborate but the way they set that stage on”fire” every time speaks volumes every time.

7daad35e-1930-4523-acc1-b218ac07f6ea tumblr_o4ersxnago1v5g9dzo1_500

8. Dara and her crazy hairstyles.

You know an image is worth 1000 words, Some of Dara styles left us in shock but it seems only Dara can pull it off.

2ne1__c3a0c3aec2b1c3a2c2b0c2a1c2bfc3a4_0715_tp_c2b0c3adc3a8-c3a1c3ba-tp_0001323122 2ne1-dara 2ne1dara-jpg dara-hair-2 hair1 kpop-sandara-park-hairstyles23

9. Minzy’s Dance Skills.

Damn that girl can dance her little socks off!!

grab00116 tumblr_lp7qcav9rv1qaolwt tumblr_n7ua6tmg2x1rc54n9o1_500 tumblr_nhe4pj7est1rgx8p2o1_500

10 & 11. Their Love for Food & Bom Bread

Seeing their love for food and Bom’s obsession with corn and bread puts a smile on everyones faces. Who doesn’t love women who enjoy their food?

tumblr_lc22160ajq1qb6ftho1_500 tumblr_m1cncc7zjp1qgkzcm tumblr_mjronhdg2s1rqjkedo1_400

12. They Are Sisters.

Who remember 2NE1TV. This is where got to see their personalities really shine through. It was really nice to see how they bounced off each other offstage.


13. Working Through Hardships.

Whether it is being bullied by anti – fans, calling them ugly to untalented or told to cover up, they still dust those haters off. All members have been subjected to some sort of criticism whether it is Bom and her appearance or Dara having “no talent” they have powered through it all.

tumblr_inline_n8pqnkjsgq1s4sbof tumblr_lokt28viu71qh5nuz tumblr_mzpkd7uw9r1smycc8o4_500

14. Slaying Individually.

Whether it is Minzy and her fierce dancing, Bom with her cute personality and powerful voice, CL with her badass rap or Dara with her styles and her ageless looks. They all hold their own and are able to showcase that together and apart. CL and Dara both having solos, Bom with her Christmas duet with Lee Hi and Minzy with her dance breakdowns. It all speaks volumes.


 15. Nolza/Nolja (놀자) 

This was a motto they went by and was a current theme throughout their active years. It was a catchphrase they used all the time and as Bom describes it, the definition means “Let’s play” whether it was through the music, videos, outfits or performance. 2NE1 is the definition of fun and play.

tumblr_lvzdqw1g0x1qarjfpo1_500 tumblr_n7qvan4syt1rdv2kso1_500


16 & 17. They Introduced A Lot Of People Into Kpop / International Appeal.

For many people in the Kpop community, 2ne1 was the first group to introduce them to this crazy world. with #ThankYou2ne1 treading on twitter, many fans express their heartache.



Their song I Am The Best gave them international appeal being the 8th highest ranking K-pop music video on YouTube 2 years ago, which made them very popular. In addition, 2ne1 has worked with Will.I.Am and Jeremy Scott.

18. They Love Their BlackJacks

2ne1 are known to show love toward their fans. They have a hands on approach with fans being on of the first groups to reach out in SNS. They even know to give fans gifts and even paid for meals! 2ne1 are humbled by their fans and are grateful for each and everyone.


19. Breaking Records

2ne1 album “Crush” was the highest-charting K-pop album on the billboard 200 charting at no.61 in 2014 with only BTS beating their record this year with album “Wing” – very impressive




20.  Leaving The Game As Legends.

They definitely left the industry on a high. With 65 million digital sales with only 2 mini albums and 2 full albums & 109 awards while being active for 5 years is amazing.



21. This Isn’t The End But The Beginning Of A New Chapter

Even though this chapter has ended, 2ne1 are beautiful and talented individuals which mean they have a bright future for them all. I hope to see Minzy shine more and we get to hear more of her powerful voice and dance moves. I hope to Dara continue as MC or host as she has such an amazing personality and warmth to her, in addition, I am intrigued to see what sort of music she will release. I hope Bom finds happiness in whatever she pursues – she hasn’t resigned with YG and maybe a break is what she needs. If she does sign to a different label, later on, I hope she is able to showcase her voice and style. CL is already doing well with her solo projects and I hope she continues and her success grows.



#ThankYou2ne1 for the amazing impact you have had in Kpop and it is only on to bigger and better things.


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