The 7 Year Curse?: INFINITE, SISTAR & More Group’s Contract To Expire 2017

Dun! Dun! Dun! For  idol groups the 7th year signifies change as it marks the moment contracts expire. Whether that means members venture into new things which may lead to a lineup change or disbandment.

Last year a few groups took some drastic changes as their contracts came to expire. 2NE1, Miss A and BEAST, just to name a few were some of the bands affected by “The 7 Year Curse”



So where does that leave groups in 2017 facing their expiration of their contracts?

Some groups are not the same and won’t go through many changes. For example girl group, 9MUSES have had many lineup changes with Hyemi being the only member who debuted in 2010. This means she will face renewal on her own whilst the others have time before this will happen to them.


ZE:A‘s contract has expired 6th January so they are probably looking for a new agency together or disbandment might be on the table but no official statement has been released on their decision.



SISTAR burst onto the scene 3rd June 2010 with “push push” so they still have a few months before dooms day (I joke). In the KPop-Sphere reports have said that they have plan to comeback with an album but no one is sure what will happen after that. (Dun, Dun, DUUUUUUNNNNNN)



INFINITE debuted not long after SISTAR, 9th June 2010 to be exact. Right now the members are focusing on individual activities and there have been no talks as of yet of a comeback. Is this something we have to get used to? Seeing them apart? (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)


Exactly a month later Teen Top debuted (9th July 2010) and they are obviously in the same boat. Teen Top member Niel is expected to release a second solo album on the 16th January and then Teen Top will comeback in March.


The 7 year curse is a real thing but it doesn’t always signify something bad. Change can be good, it gives each person to evaluate where they want their careers to go. Maybe even venture into new things but what is for certain 7 year mark is very important within their individual careers.

Good luck and may the odds be in your favour.

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