The First Teasers Pictures of Monsta X’s Comeback Have Been Released, And Monbebes Are Freaking Out!

The first teaser photos for MONSTA X’s comeback have been released, and monbebes are besides themselves!


The first set of photos released, are of Minhyuk, and he is glooooowwwiiiing! I’ve never seen Minhyuk like this!



Check out the Facebook comments; Monsta X have everybody acting up!





I can’t lie, I’m shocked by this look as well. :’) What type of scorcery is this music video going to be?

Are they all going to be covered in glitter?

This comment is my favourite

What does that even mean? LOL


Monsta X are always hard-hitting and abrupt with their routines and performances; with the exception of 1 or 2 ballads from their albums. Perhaps we’ll see a softer side in this music video?

Please can we have more than one video this time?! It is a full album of course!

How did this teaser make you feel?


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