The Plot Thickens: Female Trainee Involved In T.O.P’s Marijuana Case Revealed

With all the recent news regarding BIGBANG’s T.O.P and him allegedly using marijuana, his female acquaintance, who was with him at the time has been revealed.

Her name is Han Seo Hee, a former contestant on the program “Birth of a Great Star 3”. She recieved a lot of offers from different entertainment agencies, without making the top 12 and back in June 2015 she had signed with one.

Her so-called agency (rumoured to be Jellyfish Entertainment) commented to news outlets saying


 “Though Ms Han was chosen as a trainee, her contract was terminated after one month due to personal reasons. We haven’t been in contact with her in two years, and we are in no way involved in this case.”

A source from the police state that Han Seo Hee started using  “due to the stress of a continuously postponed debut.”

In March Han Seo Hee was arrested for the use of Marijuana, she admitted she smoked liquid marijuana retrieved from a supplier three times. When Han Seo Hee was asked who she was with, T.O.P’s name came up. The police then conducted a test using T.O.P’s hair follicle which came positive. Both parties have been forwarded to prosecutors.

(me sipping my tea)

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