“This Is Tiresome”: Brown Eyed Girls Gain May Have To Testify From Her IG Posts

It seems like Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain Instagram posts can be used as evidence against her boyfriend Joo Ji Hoon’s friend [Park Jung Wook] who offered her marijuana.

On 4th June Gain posted on Instagram a few posts stating she has never used marijuana and she never will. The Seoul Metropolitan Police drug unit have suggested that these various posts could be used as evidence in the investigation against said friend.


Gain then addressed this on Instagram

The caption has changed from the original post

 “While it is correct he invited me, since he says he has never done so. That is something he has to deal with himself. Why do I, who suffers from panic disorder, have to go all the way to the police? This is tiresome. I will go and be investigated by the police,” 

I mean if you put your business on Instagram for the world to see, can you really be mad?

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