Some songs never die, and live on as classics forever.  There are many songs that are embedded in your brain, whether you realise it or not!

Take a look at our final set list, for Valentine’s Day.


Soothing, innocent and nostalgic. The tantalising guitar strings put you into a dream-like state. I miss these kinds of songs from GD, don’t you?

10. BTS (방탄소년단): “JUST ONE DAY 하루만”

An early hit from BTS! I was already a fan of them at this point, but this made me fall for them even more! It’s fresh and has a puppy-love type of vibe. The chorus consists of a sweet melody and makes you reminisce about simple times.

9. 2NE1: “MISSING YOU 그리워해요”

Of course, I had to include 2NE1 in this list. Their vocal range and harmonies express a deep sadness and mourning, of a lost love. The music video was visually pleasing and stimulating too.


I know I wasn’t the only one that had this dance down to a tee! This song is smooth and mature; very good acting skills were shown by feach member. I sense heartbreak (of course), and a sense of regret and emptiness.


GD and Top were so good together! The French characteristics that this song and music video have,  showed us a different side to each of them. It was very manly and dominating.

Just like Wonho 원호… ahem!

We all associate Paris with romance, right? It was a perfect combination!


“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!”

It sounds that a woman has affected U-KISS in this track, and revenge was taken on them. It’s scorching and angsty! Again, I’m a sucker for dance routines and this choreography excited me, majorly!

5. TABLO (타불로) X TAEYANG (태양): “EYES, NOSE, LIPS 눈코입”

Out of all of the “Eyes, Nose, Lips” covers, Tablo’s was by far, the best. It was angry, ravenous and hard-hitting. In other words, he was a straight savage and showcased all of his feelings.

“You me well?” 

I wish you hell.”


I actually like this better than the original. The percussion type appeals to me more.

4. SEUNGRI (승리): “GOTTA TALK TO U 할말있어요”

This is when Seungri 승리 became grown! I don’t know who he thought he was, but it caught me off guard!

I’m not usually a fan of dance music, but this song definitely grew on me, and it was all I could play at the time of release. For once we got to take Seungri more seriously, and he glowed up all of a sudden! Intriguing and demanding, this can be left on repeat.

3. INFINITE H (인피니트 H) FT. ZION. T: WITHOUT YOU 니가 없을 때

Imagine being Hoya 호야 or Dongwoo’s 동우 perfect girl? They’re calling out for someone whom they can’t live without. Zion. T was the perfect accompaniment, as his honey vocals completed the song nicely! With a perfect amount of singing and rap, this is also another great song to add to your playlist. It’s a mixture of a sway and a bop…


There is being a singer, and then there’s being Lee Hong Gi 이홍기! He has such a husky voice! I’ve never heard anyone match him. “Madly” always gets me, man!

Deep in my soul!

This song was written about a hard, undying love. Please read the translation, and you’ll understand the immense pain that he’s singing of! It’s beautiful and tragic at the same time.



2012 was a great year for K-Pop, and I feel that no other song touches this one! The song arrangement, music and video production is second to none. It’s about winning back a lost love, whilst being in the running to others.

INFINITE 인피니트 are so underrated, it hurts! The lyrics and choreography are so powerful!

That’s the final edition of my Valentine’s Day playlists!

Is there any song that you would add or remove from this list?

Let me know in the comments below!

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