[What’s K-Popping?]: Weekly Rundown Ep.2

Many important things happened with the K-pop industry this week. From Monday to now, there have been controversial issues, broken records, and important announcements. Here are the top four stories from this week.

1: Park Yoo-Chun Sexual Assault Case- 2nd Victim Declared by Court

On September 21, the trial held by Seoul’s High Court to determine whether or not Park Yoo Chun, or “Yoochun”, the idol accused of raping an anonymous female, referred to as “A” by the court, has placed a new alleged victim into the mix. This woman referred to as “B”, released a statement saying that at one point, she thought it would be better to “burn coal briquette and commit suicide” than experience the pain of being a sexual assault victim. The original accuser of Yoo-Chun, “A”, has been suspected for giving false claims. She has since been found innocent.

2: Ga In Returns to Social Media Following Marijuana Controversy 

Back in June, following shortly after making accusations toward her boyfriend’s friend for offering her marijuana, Ga In of Brown Eyed Girls had deleted all of her posts off of Instagram. On the evening of September 21, about 3 months after the incident, she released a series of photos onto her Instagram to celebrate her 31st birthday. Fans are ecstatic to see that she is alright and hope, dearly, that she continues to manage her social media presence.

3: KARD and A-Jax YouTube Channel Allegedly Hacked

Earlier this week,DSP Entertainment, the label for KARD and A-Jax, found itself in a sticky situation after having the main YouTube channels for the listed groups hacked into. Thankfully, the most damage that the hacker did was the deletion of profile pictures and the changing to names (KARD’s name was spelt backwards in Korean, while A-Jax was changed to Jax A). No videos were deleted. Fans speculate that this is a hacker, however, it could be a possibility that the label was experiencing technical difficulties. These channels have since been returned to their original state, and all traces of the hacker appear to have been erased.

4: BTS Breaks K-Pop Record for Most Views in 24 Hours 

About 24 hours following the release of BTS’ highly anticipated “DNA” music video, over 20 million views had been reached on the video, making it not only the fastest K-Pop MV to reach 10 million views, but the most views on a K-Pop Group MV in 24 hours. Fans have expressed incredible joy with this feat, one person commenting onto the video, “ARMY, let’s break records for our boys.” Making this, debatably, the most highly anticipated comeback of BTS’ career, it makes sense that these views are through the roof. Currently, the video is at 39 million views

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