1 Year In Prison Demands Prosecution For Rapper Black Nut For Defamation Of Kitti B

Last Year (2017) June, Rapper Kitti B filed a defamation suit against Rapper Black Nut for making sexual statements in his song “Too Real” On 18th October a hearing took place at the Seoul Central District Court where the prosecution made a recommendation of Black Nut’s sentencing.

The prosecution demanded a year in prison if Black Nut violates his two-year probation. Black Nut and his lawyer attended the hearing and pleaded innocent.

“As a well-known hip hop singer, the defendant is also having a difficult time. Even if [the plaintiff] felt uncomfortable, it remains a question if it’s something to be punished for. I can’t help but consider the defendant’s status as a popular artist.” – Black Nuts Lawyer

Black Nut’s lawyer states that he (Black Nut) had no intention to insult or belittle the plaintiff (Kitti B) in his lyrics and regarding the additional charges due to Black Nut mentioning Kitti B in a few performances and making sexual gestures, this is all part of hip-hop.

“I regret that the public perceived and believed my lyrics differently than what I originally intended. Whatever my intentions were, I feel responsible for causing a social controversy. I will become a careful musician for my future creative activities.” – Black Nut

At this moment in time, the court is examining claims and evidence from both sides and sentencing will happen on 29th November.

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