2PM Are Preparing To Enlist – Taecyeon Enlists First

The time has come for JYP Entertainment group 2PM to prepare for enlistment.

The group will not have another group comeback this year but this won’t be the last we see of them as they are focusing on solo projects. Nichkhyun will be the exception as he will not be enlisting.

Taecyeon is scheduled to enlist first, as he has announced through various channels but in the time leading up to it he is focusing on promoting the movie “Time On Time” which will be released 5th April (KST). He wanted to do his civil duty after giving up his permanent residence in the US. He decided to work in public service due to his back disk.

After Taecyeon it will be Jun K, who will be next to enlist but at the moment he is continuing rehab treatment for his injuries. Last month Jun K fell off stage during a 2PM concert, fracturing his elbow and right ring finger.

Junho will continue his acting, (known for his roles in the films “Twenty” and “Watchers”) and  is expected to working on an album in Japan.

Chansung will also continue his acting, he is known to be active in theatre playing the lead in “My Love My Bride” and is remaking a movie adaptation of it also.

Wooyoung, is focusing on his second solo album in Japan which is expected to be realised 19th April. Apparently he has been working on in it for two years where he has written and produced some of the song.

With all of 2PM’s activities we wish them all the best.


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