6 Couples & Ships that make you scream GOOOAAAALLLLSS

The lights are dimmed, scattered petals along the hall and in front of you is man or woman of yours dreams. Yeah right, if you ain’t as lucky on valentines don’t worry about it. It’s time to appreciate all loved ones. With that being said let’s have a look at a few kpop fan ships including some real ones and best friends goals.

Kpop Parent Ships

Love starts at home and in some cases that will be our parents. Within the Kpop fandom, certain group members are assigned the roles of mum and dad of the group.

Rap Monster (NamJoon) & Jin = NamJin (BTS)

They are known to be the mother and father of BTS.
One of my favourite moments is during an SBS Pop Asia TV Interview when they asked Jin who is celebrity crush his answer was Rap Monster. (awwwwwwww)



Bang Yongguk & Kim Himchan = BangHim (BAP)

Both Yongguk and Himchan take their parent role of the group very seriously. Himchan is known to cook and prepare lunch boxes for the other members. Yongguk is hard working looking after his children, he even at one point brought Jongup shoes and Himchan a bag whilst he brought himself ramen. Yongguk is known for his great ideas and Himchan is great explaining them. BAP are family goals!

Best Friend Goals

Another way to show your love is through your friends. Here are some best friends that make me scream goals!

Crush & Dean = Crean (I just made that up…is this a thing?)

These two fine fellows are the definition of besties. They are all over each others Instagram and I first hand saw the love for each other during Crush’s performance in London. The way they hype each other up when they perform is so cute. From helping each other write to jumping on each others songs, there is no stopping them. (Sorry Zion T)

CL (Chaerin) & Dara = ChaeRa / DaRin (2NE1)

Everyone knows that story back 2011 when 2NE1 was in Japan during an earthquake (9.0 magnitude) and tsunami. Dara called CL whilst she was on 34th floor. CL came down risking her life to be by her side. In addition Dara is the biggest CL fan promoting all of CL solo activities on her social media. Last christmas they even spent it together.

Actual Couple Goals

These are the people we are really jealous of!! I wonder how they will spend this valentines with each other.

Tiger JK & Yoon Mi Rae

South Korea’s very own Hiphop couple. These 2 are the cutest thing with a hint of badass to add extra flavour. Not only do they create amazing music with each other but the bond between them seems so strong and unbreakable. In the March issue of Elle 2016, JK & Mirae talk about what makes them happy in their marriage stating they do everything together. “We’re like friends” Maybe this is the real definition of Friendship goals too.

Rain & Kim Tae Hee

These two people got married last month and they are the sweetest thing ever. Even though the relationship is publicly know, it is very low key which I feel is the healthiest. It is known that each other families adore each other and what screams goals was Rain’s wedding gift to his wife. A song produced by PSY called The Best Present. You can tell he meant every word of it.

What couples make you scream goals? Let us know in the comments!

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