After 2 Years Jang Hyunseung To Feature In New Track

After two years, Jang Hyunseung will be releasing new music. This will be the first time after leaving BEAST.

On 31st March, Cube Entertainment stated that Hyunseung will be featured on a new song by Oh YeRi which will be released on 1st April.

Oh YeRi became close with Hyunseung since they are both signed with Cube Entertainment. Oh YeRi is a vocalist and they will be collaborating on this new song/album.

This will be the first time after two years since he has released anything or had a chance to meet with fans.

It has been reported that Hyunseung is preparing to promote as a member of BEAST with an addition of two members, yet in the past, he has denied any knowledge of this.

I wonder what the future holds for Hyunseung. (cough, cough Cube bring back Troublemaker)



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