Guys. It finally happened. Jay Park finally returned to London after 5 years! Joined by the talented Hoody, Sik K and DJ Wegun, this show was absolutely amazing. We could go on and on and on about this show but we gathered that you do not want to read a five page essay on how lit it was so here is some highlights from the evening.

DJ Wegun set the show off right, demonstrating his skill in his craft expertly and his knowledge on how to work the crowd. Reworking and remixing a variety of rap and EDM tracks, he got the crowd hyped and ready for what was to come. Honestly, the highlight for me was his remix of ‘Man’s Not Hot,’ I mean what a legend!

Hoody then glided onto the stage and stole all our hearts with her song ‘Like You.’ This woman is an absolute queen! Her sweet and soulful vocals filled the room and everyone’s souls ascended to heaven. The crowd sang with her during her hits including ‘Like You,’ ‘By Your Side’ and ‘Hangang’ among others. Fans are now desperate to have a full Hoody concert after her performance so, come through CEO Jay Park!

Next up was the beauty that is Sik K, making his sexy entrance to his song ‘Rendezvous.’ Now guys this man was extra as hell (you should have seen him during ‘Habibi’), we never knew shoulders could shimmy so much! It was lovely to see Sik K back on the UK stage after 2 years so for fans who attended that show (like me), it was amazing and nostalgic to see him again and hear the songs ‘Rendezvous,’ ‘No Where’ and ‘Habibi’ once again. Sik K also performed his fan favourites ‘FLY,’ ‘VVIP’ and of course ‘Party.’ Please don’t make us wait another 2 years for a London Sik K show please!

Then, the king took to the stage. Sliding his way into some slick choreography to his song ‘Replay,’ he killed everyone just by breathing. This guy proved time and time again throughout the night that he can move. Jay really did the most it was amazing, performing everything from his recent release ‘Forget About Tomorrow’ all the way back to ‘Joah’ (ahh the good old days). He also performed everything in between including ‘Me Like Yuh,’ ‘Ain’t No Party Like an AOMG Party,’ ‘You Know’ and of course, the forever iconic, ‘Mommae.’ Sik K and Hoody re-joined Jay on stage for their respective collaborations of ‘Iffy’ and ‘Yacht,’ and ‘Solo’ and ‘All I Wanna Do.’ Jay is a true performer and knows how to put on a party, so you could say Sik K learnt from the best when whipped out a bottle of champagne at the end of the concert to spray the entire crowd, trumping Jay’s little water bottle (sorry Jay). What did we do to be so blessed!

Honestly, the whole night was just electric. All artists seemed comfortable on the UK stage and the crowd certainly made sure they were right at home. It is safe to say that everyone who attended felt honoured that they decided to perform their music in our home city and are now eager to hear more music and hoping they will come back soon.

Now, who will Cult of Ya bring next??


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