Another One: BIGBANG Taeyang Will Enlist After G-Dragon

YG Entertainment has confirmed that Taeyang is going to enlist after G-Dragon as an active-duty soldier.

His enlistment date is 12th March. It was confirmed yesterday that G-Dragon will be enlisting at the end of this month quietly.

We knew this day would be coming as both Taeyang and G-Dragon spoke about and made promises to their fans of meeting again soon during their concert in December 2017. During the time leading up to their enlistment dates, G-Dragon has been resting whilst Taeyang got married on 3rd February.

T.O.P was the first to enlist and is currently doing duties as a public service worker, G-Dragon will be the second and Taeyang will be the third members of BIGBANG to begin their service.

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