[Birthday Goals!]: Lauren And Her BTS Birthday Cake

For most K-pop fans the dream birthday gift might be chilling with your bias but honey this is the real world that doesn’t happen so what is the next best thing? Cake…duh! Lauren was surprised when her hints paid off when she got this amazing birthday cake.

Lauren entered the crazy K-Pop world back in 2012 at 2 am exploring the weird side of YouTube. At the young age of 11, Big Bang Fantastic Baby was recommended and ever since she has been swallowed by the K-Pop Blackhole. (Yes it is a real thing)

“….absolutely loved it, and I don’t remember a single day after that where I haven’t put my Kpop playlist on!”

BTS being her bias group it made sense that her beautiful cake was of one of their albums.

“I’ve been completely obsessed since the April before their debut and I’ve loved everything they’ve done and love all of their music and themselves as beautiful people! But Got7, Twice and Monsta X are extremely close seconds!!”

Lauren told me she has been dropping hints to her parents since March (Lauren’s birthday was last month) for a BTS cake by sending pictures of other cakes she had seen and luckily the caught the hint.

“I asked for a Skool Luv Affair special edition cake as one of my ideas because it’s my favourite album cover of theirs (besides love yourself but it was too late for it at that point) and the majority of my favourite songs are on that album so I really love it.”

Lauren’s cake came out amazing with the details being on point, she definitely is Birthday goals! Fellow Armys follow Lauren on Twitter:@KimTaes_Hyung, she enjoys making polls and threads!



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