[BREAKING] Those darn schedules!! – Suzy Bae Drops the Bae…Not YET!

[UPDATE]: “After asking Suzy, we have learned that the breakup reports are false. They are meeting well.”- JYP Entertainment

“It’s not true that they broke up.”  – Lee Min Ho’s agency 

***This post was written before official statements were released…I still think I have a valid point though, if they are the real deal good luck to them both**** 


I don’t think I have to say much on this matter please refer back to my previous post about Taeyeon & Baekhyun. (Link at the bottom of this post!) So we all know where this is going right? Suzy & Minho have parted ways due to “their busy schedules” even if this was a legit reason I can never really believe these relationships.


With any relationship romantic or not it is all about work and balance. The couple have been in the industry for a while to know how hectic things can get, not seeing close friends and family members as much as they want to, meaning making an extra effort to maintain them. But it seems lately when these “relationships” spark common sense flies out the window.

“We can make this work, don’t worry”

Well…that failed epically! No but seriously isn’t timing and scheduling the first thing that is some what sorted or discussed? Ok they can’t meet for lunch every Tuesday but you cannot call? Kakao? Line? Messenger bird? SOMETHING!!

I understand it isn’t the same thing as meeting face to face, I know, I get it, but what annoys me with these break ups is that the actual relationship doesn’t seem real. The “breakup because of schedules” excuse seems overused and not creative at all. The so called sources that report the breakup seem so random, it is never there own management or company, for example with the whole Baekhyun relationship it wasn’t announced by SM Entertainment but some “music officials” or in this case “someone close” who told TV Daily which makes me raise my eyebrows. (If someone close is spreading your business DROP THEM!)


Don’t get me wrong, and I will repeat on this post I don’t know Suzy’s or Minho’s life or if the relationship was real, and schedules can be a real factor of a relationship breaking down. Spending time apart, experiencing different things can cause growth in a opposite direction. However there are many couples around the world who live apart or cannot be together as much as they like due to their “schedule” and they seem to make it work. Yes everyone isn’t the same but Suzy and Minho have been official (or what we know of) for 6 months, it is like they didn’t really try…

As I said referring back to my previous post, I was never fond of how this so called relationship and other relationships came to light, it didn’t seem genuine from the start, so obviously when the break up articles come out certain fans are going to question the whole thing. We aint stupid.


First Tiffany (SNSD), Yoona (SNSD), then Taeyeon (SNSD) now Suzy. Why am I not surprised? Instead of companies or whoever use these relationship stories to cover up something else just own up to whatever. People aren’t stupid plus it isn’t really fair on idols or actors to play along either. (I wonder if they are bribed…but thats a different story!)

Last Post: https://kpopbox1.wordpress.com/2015/09/15/breaking-taeyeon-baekhyun-are-no-more-were-they-even-a-thing/


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