BTOB Minhyuk VS Ex-Girlfriend’s Boyfriend? – CUBE Ent. Responds

So what exactly is going on? 

BTOB Minhyuk wrote on BTOB’s official fan cafe (14th April) in the morning explaining an issue involving himself and his alleged ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend. (I know right?)

The thing is, according to netizen, the woman (the alleged ex) commented on Instagram saying she never dated Minhyuk.


I am confused, so what happened?

*American accent* Ok girl, let me break it down for you…

Minhyuk apparently sent his ex a message via social media, the current boyfriend of the ex, saw the message and sent a message to Minhyuk, warning him on Instagram. Once it became an issue and fans found out about it, Minhyuk deleted the original message. Minhyuk then explained what happened in detail to stop rumours going around.

“It’s awkward to go on and on explaining what happened, but because there is a possibility for misunderstanding, I will briefly explain.”

“During the day yesterday, I sent my ex-girlfriend a message. I haven’t spoken to her in a while and was wondering how she was doing, so I sent a message asking, ‘Why don’t I have your number?’ That’s all, but in the end, it’s something I shouldn’t have done. I unnecessarily did something stupid,” 

 “There was no real meaning behind the message. I was just asking how [she] was doing in passing, but it randomly became a big deal. I think [my ex’s] boyfriend was upset, and he posted a comment on my Instagram expressing his annoyance. Regardless of why I sent the message, not knowing she had a boyfriend and sending the message is my mistake.”

“It gave me the thought that recalling past relationships is foolish. It’s something that Melodies didn’t have to know, but rather than letting rumours run rampant, I thought it would be the right thing to do to just being truthful.”

 “There’s nothing more to it. Please don’t jump to conclusions. Recent rumours about me are almost all false. Both the BTOB members and I have a deep love for Melodies. If there are any fans that were disappointed with the recent happenings, I apologise. I will be more careful in the future.” – Minhyuk

Since then the message was deleted and CUBE Entertainment made a statement.

“This is Cube Entertainment.”

“We are addressing the issue of BTOB’s Lee Minhyuk supposedly lying in his explanation regarding his ex-girlfriend.”

“Lee Minhyuk and his ex-girlfriend in question dated for around four months and often asked each other how they were doing following their separation. He happened to see someone who reminded him of her and had messaged [his ex-girlfriend] for the first time in a while because he was curious about her wellbeing, inciting this controversy.”

“The current rumours claiming that he lied in his explanation are all false.”

“We apologise that his explanation, which was written to alleviate the worries and misunderstandings of fans, has caused even greater confusion and worry.”


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