BTOB’s Rock N Hiphop sounds an awful lot like Bruno Mars’ That’s What I Like?

BTOB released their latest album “Feel’eM” this week, and while the fans were enjoying the music, they also noticed that one of the song’s sounded very similar to a Bruno Mars song that was released last year.

Not sure if they sound alike, you can judge for yourself:

International fans and Korean fans alike noticed that the beats had some sort of resemblance and here are some of the tweets that were surprised by the similarity:

Even Korean fans were aware of the issue, however, it hasn’t made headlining news yet.

“What’s the name of the plagiarised song? I want to hear it for myself. Is it that similar?”
“Bruno Mars’ That’s what I like! It sounded kind of similar from the beginning of the song :(”

Many have pointed it out and are wondering if Cube will make a clarification or keep quiet about the accusations that have been made. The tracklist made it clear that a  few BTOB members helped out with the lyrics but were not involved with composing so they personally have no fault. What do you think?

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