BTS’ Hard Work Being Ignored? – Western Media Using BTS Fandom For Clout?

“They care about the clout, the clicks, the views but not about WHY we even work so hard…” – twitter: @namshakur

BTS have come such a long way and they deserve all the recognition and praise. I have noticed during the promotions of the Billboard Music Award promotions of how western media and certain stars will act around them.

BTS was the first (or at least the one of the first) to use social media to there advantage before there debut and understood the importance of connecting with fans because of this, it has caused the ARMY to grow in ways many may not have expected. We all know that ARMYs go hard for BTS, but I cannot help but to question is their hardworking being overshadowed?

I have been feeling this for a while when they started to gain western recognition. We know ARMYs can do numbers in a matter of hours even minutes, in my eyes not only some western stars but western media seem to be using the numbers for clout and not really caring about what BTS has to offer with their talents.

The Crazy Fangirl Narrative

It seems very clear that one of the main narratives that western media pull from the ARMY fandom is the “crazy fangirl narrative” from many interviews most of the questions are not about the music but about the fans

“what is the craziest fan experience that you have had?”

Why are loyal fans viewed as crazy? when the crazy ones make up there 1% of the fandom.

But what makes ARMYs crazy their eyes…they cannot fathom the fact that girls (ignoring fanboys because of course, they do not exist) that aren’t from Korean decent or automatically understand the lyrics can draw a real connection from the music.

Music transcends language and it usually gives you a feeling, I can even admit some English songs at first I do not have a clue what is being said at first but I may be drawn to it in some way, whether that is the beat, flow of the lyrics and so on. The lyrical content of a song can add another layer, what is so hard to understand?

But its ok we can bop to despacito not understand a word but a BTS song…oh hell naw that ish cray.

“You guys only like them because they are hot”

UK Radio DJ Roman Kemp said to the Metro UK newspaper about BTS and ARMYs

‘It’s hard sometimes, because when you get bands like that that create this fandomania… are they there for the music, or are they there for what the kids look like? ‘Especially in the K-pop world, where it’s about so much more than the singles they release. For us, it’s just the music.’

For some fans that maybe the case but if there was no substance and it was just the way they looked, they wouldn’t last as long as the western media may think, Kpop itself is filled with “pretty faces” and their music wouldn’t be able to transcend ages and a range of different people if it was a look thing. Plus we know Kpop idols train to hone their craft, being pretty may help you but it isn’t the be all and end all.

It seems like they want to push this narrative as if girls or just the ARMY fandom can’t like a group of young men for their talents because that is a weird concept.

Some ARMYs even took twitter to explain their frustration:

This isn’t a new thing either as loyal fan Anastasia (twitter handle @namshakur) said during our conversation, this trope has dated back through eras of music. A key example of this is The Beetles. If they were just a group of young men being looked at for there looks then why do they have so many iconic songs that are still being played today?

I know it is different but the only difference in my eyes is the fact they are Korean and the western media cannot get there head around that and the fact they are singing in a completely different language.

They cannot support them fully if you are censoring a song that doesn’t need to be censors because it sounds like an English word. It does not mean I do not understand why but for things like this, I think it may be hard for BTS to fully get that western stamp of approval.

The western media think it is a fad/ a fetish that will past and I personally don’t think they take BTS’ craft seriously but hey, they will happily jump on the BTS bandwagon for some clicks to there site/ video

Do ARMYs want western validation?

Some may, even though in reality, fangirls it means nothing it just feels good if you’re from the western world. I think what is more important is the love that ARMYs have for BTS is being shown not because we are fangirls but because we respect the work ethic and talents that they put into their work.


What do ya’ll think?

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