Casper Leaves CROSS GENE?!?

Yes, you read correctly Casper has left CROSS GENE as announced on their fan cafe.

On 1st September, the message uploaded on their fan site reads:

“We are making a sudden announcement to the fans who support CROSS GENE.

As of August 31, CROSS GENE member Casper has graduated from his activities with CROSS GENE.

Although there has been much discussion up until now with Casper, this conclusion has been come to following his strong will due to differences in desired direction and thoughts.

We are very sorry to the fans who are always supportive, but CROSS GENE will from now on be a five-member group. We ask that you continue to support CROSS GENE in the future, as the group will try to make a comeback as soon as possible.

Also, we will be grateful if you watch over Casper warmly as he embarks on a different path.

September 1, 2017
All staff.”

Casper posted on his weibo account a picture of hands saying “I’m sorry” in English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

Whatever he decides to do in the future, we wish him the best of luck!

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