The Power Of Armys: BTS Exclusive Interview #BTSonBBCR1

Due to the warmth of armys spamming Radio 1 DJ Adele Roberts with thanks after she played DNA on her show, which made her want to find out more! (more…)

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Sunmi’s Heroine Sounds A Lot Like Cheryl Cole’s Fight For This Love

Queen Sunmi released new song Heroine this week and whilst fans and the public seemed to be enjoying the song entering the Melon’s Top 100, it seems to sound very similar to Cheryl Cole’s fight for the love. (more…)

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As you now know, Under the Radar is a series that sheds light on the underrated Khiphop tracks that need some more love. But sometimes you get that artist whose entire work is underrated. Now frankly, that is out of order! We here at Kpop Box are flexible though and are willing to make changes to our system for the greater good and will write about this album. (more…)

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