Character posters for tvN’s new drama ”Introverted boss”(내성적인 보스) have been released!

Introverted Boss is an upcoming Korean drama that will be based on a romantic story between a company CEO who comes across as very cold but has a very shy personality and an extroverted office employee named ‘Chae Ro-woon’ played by the lovely Park Hye-soo (Age of youth).

The young actress seems to be playing a complete opposite character than her summer drama ‘Age of youth’, and it will be no surprise when she shocks her viewers with her incredible charms.

tvN is known for their hit dramas such as the ‘Reply series’, ‘Signal’, and the currently airing ‘Goblin’.

via Tumblr

”Introverted boss” will be airing on January 16th 2017 in Korea at 23:00pm on Mondays and Tuesdays right after ‘Rude Miss Young-ae Season 15’ comes to an end.


Cast: (Actor, character, past work & date)

Yeon Woo Jin – Eun Hwan ki (Divorce lawyer in love 2015)

Park Hye Soo – Chae Ro woon (Age of Youth 2016)

Yoon Park – Kang woo Il (Age of Youth 2016)

Kong Seung Yeon – Eun Yi soo ( The Master of Revenge 2016)



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