CL: The Problematic Fave

Chaelin Lee, otherwise known as CL of the group 2NE1, has once again stirred shit up. By stirred shit up I mean amazingly pissing off fans and non-fans alike.
What has she done this time you ask? Well she has just got herself into another sticky situation which if I may say could have been avoided entirely.


Her production team has re-used the very offensive soundtrack to the song ‘MTBD’, which contained a boy reciting verses of the Qur’an, which is the Islamic holy book.

Here is a fancam from the performance where you can hear the Qur’an being recited.



This in turn understandably angered not only her Muslim and non-Muslim ‘fans’ but also Muslims worldwide.

Of course CL, issued an apology on her Twitter, which I may say sounded half-hearted, to put things right after this whole thing blew up and spread like wildfire. She states that she is sincerely apologetic and that this all happened because her ‘engineer sent the old version of MTBD for this tour’.

I call bluff because which performer does not do sound checks before they go on stage. Surely she would have recognised that this was the old version then. Am I right or am I right? She then goes ahead and says how this version will be deleted ‘completely and forever’. Hold on a minute. Why has this not been deleted already? This doesn’t make sense at all. This version was highly offensive and should have never been made, so surely it should have been deleted after the first controversy.

Some part of me thinks there is more to this story. Could it all be noise marketing to help her get her name out there more? Or is it just down to the stupidity of her engineer?

What do you think? Leave your comment below. We are eager to hear your stance on this situation.

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