[CONCERT COVERAGE] Club Eskimo Destroys London in Just One Weekend!

The trendy and in demand collective known as Club Eskimo had 4 of their talented artists take over London on July 24th and 25th and they put on two of the most electric shows to date. DEAN and MISO, with DJ 2xxx and opening artist SAAY destroyed the KOKO stage and sent fans into a frenzy with their music and amazing performances and left fans begging for a speedy return to the capital.

Most fans were unaware of who DJ 2xxx was exactly as not much had been previously seen of him, however, his performance certainly turned a lot of heads. He blasted tracks that were absolute fire and got the crowd so hyped, all while looking effortlessly cool (but we must add that his glasses made him especially adorable!) The other three acts came out halfway through his set and danced and got lit with the crowd which added to the fiery atmosphere.



Special guest SAAY also left a big impact on the audience. For many in the audience, they were hearing her music for the first time, but everyone was blown away. The girl can sing! The girl can dance! The girl has good music! She dominated the stage and left fans wanting more. She sang songs from her SoundCloud EP and gave fans a listen to her upcoming debut release, ‘Circles.’ Fans also fell in her personality, as not only is she lovely, she is sassy and funny! We can’t wait for her official releases!

MISO was the next to take to the stage and played a DJ set as well as sang. This woman is so majestic and regal, her every movement being chic and elegant and the low-fi music she played only added to the chill vibes she exuded, along with her sweet and soft vocals. She sang a series of songs including ‘Take Me’ and ‘Castaway’ which featured on Crush’s EP, ‘Interlude’ and sent chills down spines of fans.

The final member of Club Eskimo, DEAN, sent fans into a frenzy as performed almost every song in his discography! He bounced around the stage, showed off his sick moves, climbed on top of the speakers (falling over once but we’ll ignore that) and threw water into the crowd, all while still sounding like an absolute angel! What made his performance so special was that it was clear that DEAN knew his fans well and he knew what they liked, and that meant that he could provide maximum impact, for example, he knew that fans went crazy for his track ‘I’m Not Sorry’ so he brought it 110%! DEAN also treated fans to the special ‘Bermuda Triangle’ remix in which he had his own verse and when the lights turned red at the start of the song, the crowd went nuts!



The night closed off with one big and incredibly lit dance party. All artists took to the stage while DJ 2xxx blasted songs from the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Drake and Giggs, and Lil Uzi Vert which had not only the crowd, but SAAY herself twerking and jumping. It was possibly a massive highlight watching DEAN jam and rap along to Giggs’ verse in the Drake track ‘KMT’ and even watching MISO vibing at the DJ decks was memorable. To see the artists looking like they were having as much fun as the audience truly made it special as it helped the fans feel more connected to the artists they love so dearly.


The weekend was truly an amazing one and fans are desperate for the chance to witness the talents of Club Eskimo soon. We’d like to say a special thank you to The Yoo Group for working tirelessly to bring Club Eskimo to the fans, and kindly adding another date to the previously one date tour stop in London. Everyone had so much fun and will definitely consider these shows to be one of the best and most well-executed shows of a Korean artist in London. Fans now battle the post-concert depression and eagerly wait for the return of Club Eskimo.


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