Halo graced the London stage on Sunday 11th March in a small but intimate show that delighted fans. Despite being a relatively small group, they boast a strong legion of fans who love and support them.

In the moments leading up to the start of the show, it was clear that the fans were ready to burst from excitement, screaming at any change in lighting (you know them ones). They were decked out in their merch and greeted the boys with wild screams when the wait was finally over and the boys opened with their 2017 track “I’m Scared.” Performing many of their songs including their hits ‘Here Here,’ ‘Mariya’ and ‘Fever,’ this show was honestly one big party!

(Photography by A)

Halo showed the loving bond they share with their fans in a short Q&A mid-way through the show. The boys joked around and shared who takes longest in the shower, what advice they would give their younger self, and who their favourite British actors were (Hugh Grant in Notting Hill proved to be very popular with the boys). Guys, Halo were being so cute you couldn’t help but smile.

(photography by Shawty)

Halo’s show was bright and fun and blew us away. Shamefully we didn’t expect to have as much fun as we did at the concert and now we can safely say Halo has gained some new fans. We’ll definitely be looking out for them and supporting them in the future.
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