[Concert Review] Block B Snatched My Edges

Guys let me start with this one important fact. JAEHYO is bomb diggity bomb. He took my phone. I’ll explain how in a bit but Lord knows how I am living right now.

My friend and I were the first people in the queue for early entry. We were later joined by the most amazing group of BBCs. Seriously, I have never been in such an awesome, and calm queue. Every Kpop concert I have been to, the queue was just an utter mess. I can recall pushing, shoving, verbal abuse from fans in the queue for other concerts. But this concert was by far had the best queue ever. Everyone was so happy and cheerful. Fans singing and dancing. They didn’t let the bad weather put them down. Fans came from as far as Germany and Spain.

As the queue grew I was asked by the fans behind to start a numbering system. I agreed and started writing out numbers for everyone in the queue and those joining. So around 1 pm one of the members of MYMUSICTASTE came up to me like ‘Are you the leader?’. I’m like boy what. Leader who. So proceeds to ask me if I was doing the numbering system. I got so shook. Man, I was seriously just like thinking oh crap I’m in trouble so I told yes but I stopped. Which isn’t a lie because as soon as it got to number 50, I got pretty bored of it. He then asked me to continue it so that the fans who have rehearsals can go back to their place in the queue and that it will be official. I was like OK. Bare trying to contain my happiness. Man made me bossman innit. Every person joining the queue came to look for me for the number and they didn’t even call me Godfather.

So it gets to around 5 pm and everyone’s ready to roll. Doors were opening soon for both VIP and Early Entry. So this is where shit goes down. When I say down I mean down! So basically EE and VIP were meant to enter together from the doors on either side of the entrance. However, they let in EE first by maybe a few seconds. Bare in mind, a few seconds are a big difference. So we rushed in real quick, I mean I’m all for fighting injustice but damn then I wasn’t mad.

So my friend and I were front row centre. Living lavish. Proper bang in the middle. Surrounded by my friends (old and new). I was ready to hype Zico up. I beat my face to the gods for this moment.

Anyways, the concert hadn’t started but bloody hell there was so much pushing already. I had the bottom of my ribs pressing so hard against the barriers. Everyone was singing along to the music playing. It was such a beautiful moment. So the concert started and they started playing ‘Nice day’ and that was it for me. The concert was so lit I nearly cried at one point.

How was I getting violated the whole concert? I over did it. I made them laugh at every shit I did. I was the only person front row milly rocking, dabbing, whipping and all the shabam to their music so I truly feel like I accomplished my gas block b agenda.

How was it in ‘HER’ Zico would always end up right bam in front of me for the chorus and out here busting out the dance moves and he is cracking up. It’s emotional. I mean yeah I can’t dance but damn why laugh.

At one point Zico was speaking about what countries he wants to visit and I shouted Somalia. They heard because they looked slyly confused. Oh andZico was all like I came here before for a show and my friend and I shouted yeah we went. I lied. I didn’t but he noticed me atleast because he pointed like you guys know, you went?. I’m like yeaaaah why not.

Oh my God, the crowd was crazy. When crazy I have never felt such vibes before. At one point we were like jumping sardines. It was so much fun. We legit were jumping and everyone. It was so amazing.

I feel like as a crowd we added to their hype and made them give us extra madness on stage. My favourite moment was ‘Zero for conduct’. It. Messed. Me. Up.

The whole concert was so lit.

I really want to relive it again. I couldn’t even record a lot because I was having so much fun dancing, singing and jumping along.

During ‘Movie’s over’ Jaehyo came down onto the speakers and everyone was handing their phones to him so I did too. I didn’t expect he would even clock me and take it since I wasn’t that close to him, there were people closer and he would have to reach for me. He did though. I was the first person he took the phone off.

He legit looked at everyone and looked right at me and took my phone and I died. I cried. I screamed. I was shocked. I honestly died and came back alive again. The fact he also took my two other friends phones too was mythical. He stretched for them. They were 2nd row and my man stretched for them.

I scammed Taeil into thinking I was German too haha. I helped my new German friends next to me get him to pick up the flag and he was going to hand it back to me but I told him to keep it. Then he opened it and pointed to the flag and pointed to me. I was like yeaaaaah why not. Sure. Uh huh. Haha. I would like to thank my idol Joanne the Scammer, she taught me well.

This is getting long so I will wrap this up. I think everyone should attend a Block B concert at least once in their lives. It was such an amazing concert. The fans are truly great. I do not think I have one bad thing to say about this concert. I had the best time, met the best people and got to see the boys (minus one😭)  perform live. To think I was going to sell my ticket. Good thing I didn’t.

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