Boys Republic European Royal Tour – London Stop

As part of their European tour, Boys Republic made a stop in London on the 4th of July at the O2 Islington, making it the first kpop concert of 2015!

Arriving in Islington at around 2pm, we headed straight for the venue and pleasantly saw fangirls and fanboys already queueing in anticipation for the show. With plenty of time to spare, we decided to go around and ask fans a few questions to find out their bias, favourite song, what performances they were looking forward too etc. Whilst speaking to fans, they informed us that not long before a couple of the members, and staff, had walked past the queue. Not once but twice! It wasn’t long before the show when members popped in and out of the venue to wave at fans, getting them all super excited for the show to begin.


At around 8pm the show began, with an awesome opening performance of ‘I’m Ready’ and ‘You’re Special’ receiving loud screams. A few songs later the group announced it was time for a special event, in which they invited 4 fans on stage to play a game with them. Splitting into teams, they had to act out hints, trying to guess what it was. Sadly for the fans of Team 1 the other team were declared winners, as the fans had helped them guess the answer. But it seemed everyone ended up as winners, as they all received a little gift, and hugs from all the members! IMG_9749

After the fan event, the boys announced it was time for pianist Choi Soo Min to come to the stage, eliciting cheers from the crowd. As odd as it seemed for a pianist to perform, he wowed the fans with his talent, and fans thoroughly enjoyed his performances. Performing about 4 songs, he exited the stage to huge cheers, before Boys Republic came back to stage front to complete the rest of their set.


After an even more exciting second half, sadly the concert had to come to an end, but not before the boys eagerly returned for their encore stage.


Some of our personal favourite performances included ‘Video Game’, their new title track ‘Hello’, members Minsu and Sungjun‘s remix of ‘Uptown Funk’ and Choi Soo MinIt was also refreshing to see performances of songs from Robbie Williams, Michael Buble and Sam Smith.

The atmosphere, fans and overall experience was extremely fun! We thoroughly enjoyed Boys Republic, and for anyone who missed it, if you ever get the chance to see them perform – We’d highly recommend you do so!

Here is the video so watch it and let us know what you think.

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