Dear Kpop Knight Thanks For Screwing Things Up

This is a very different post from the others, but I feel like I have to keep it real with you all. For all the fans and the artists themselves, we are all fuming. When bad organisation is turned to the max, it has a knock on effect that doesn’t affect the promoter but the fans. So, Kpop Knight, this is an open letter to you.

*clears throat*

Dear Kpop Knight,

I was thinking of biting my tongue and moving on but it would be a dishonor to do so. I come from the perspective of not just a fan, but a lover of music hence the existence of this. You did not just manipulate the fans but the artists also. So let me give a few tips for the future, which you probably won’t listen too.

Any publicity isn’t good publicity

Many fans only knew of the existence of this concert, not because of its great PR, but because people thought it was a scam. Fellow music lovers across many platforms were telling people NOT to buy tickets. Great look Kpop Knight!

Begging for help on Social media so close to D-Day isn’t cute

You know when you’re scrolling through social media and you see that kate has broken up with her man, again ,for the 5th time this week, and she feels like she needs to tell the whole world…it doesn’t look cute for Kate, so for a business, IT IS A BIG NO NO. Screaming for promo by not DM-ing influential kpop sites and or social media pages you PUBLICLY announce it on your page.

That translator tweet too…not cute.

Everyone (including myself) had a promo code FOR THE SAME THING. This just screamed desperation and the fans read through it. It is a little too late to offer a “discount” 3 days before the event. Where is this money coming from? If it wasn’t available 2 weeks prior, it sure ain’t in my account near the end of the month.

Communication is Key

Through the back and forth of emails that I sent this “company” regarding press, as in their words, they wanted to “collaborate” they sure know don’t know how to answer emails and messages. I would receive emails at ridiculous times. I am talking 10 PM – 3 AM WHILST THEY WERE IN THE UK.

Emailing me at 1 PM ,the day of the concert telling me there and then how press was running, how am I meant to prepare?

What happened to the whole of the week, Friday even?

In addition having clarity with your consumers is very important. Fans had to personally email Kpop Knight for information that should of been given.

The only way news travels is through fans screenshoting vital information and even the promoters themselves told them to “spread it around” instead of making a post themselves. LAZY

Plus how are selling tickets when confirmation with Wembley wasn’t clear or how the tickets worked if you brought them from Kpop Knight as they weren’t “valid” at the arena.

Being respectful doesn’t hurt anybody

The people I spoke to at Kpop Knight weren’t just unprofessional, but they were so rude. Not just to me but to the artists themselves. Having bad email manners by replying when they felt like it, to relaying lies back to press.

Due to the lack of communication, I couldn’t represent KPOPBOX but I had two colleagues do it on my behalf. Relating to my point above about bad communication, they did not inform Monsta X on the interviews which were meant to take place (no translators also) and they were angry, quite rightly.

Instead of being honest you tell press Monsta X are “snobby” and are “refusing”. That’s defamation of character btw!

Also giving up hotel information ISNT cute….

The number of things you have done wrong, I do not have the energy or the time. Organisations like you make it difficult for artists to see the benefit of coming to London and make it 10 times harder for us. I don’t know how you got these artists to agree, to have a prime spot at Wembley, with little to no knowledge of anything from music to common sense.

Kpop Knight…(insert explicit words),

P.S. Any country they try to “conquer” next just block their entry, it is for your own good,

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