For his first ever international show outside of South Korea, DPR LIVE chose our humble city of London and we are blessed for it. Tuesday 17th October was definitely a momentous day for both the artist and fans.


Opening with hit track ‘Know Me,’ LIVE proved three things. One, that he is one VERY talented performer. Two, he has the ability to make fans go wild over him by just smiling. Three, this will be one of the most lit shows to date! Performing songs from the EP, pre-debut, and his newest single, ‘Jasmine,’ LIVE was connected to everyone in the room as the fans screamed the lyrics back to him. May we add that the ‘Jasmine’ live performance was amazing! It was both ambient and lit and we couldn’t help but notice the smile on LIVE’s face as the fans knew the lyrics to his new song as well as they did for his old songs.

You could really see how grateful LIVE was to be there. Numerous times he stood and welcomed the intense applause of the crowd with the biggest grin on his face! London must have had a big effect on him as even after the concert ended and the final DJ set was playing, he and Christian couldn’t help themselves and came out to vibe and dance with the crowd. When I say fans went nuts for DPR, I mean it. FANS WENT NUTS!
BOY KNOWS FAN SERVICE! LIVE was legit taking everyone’s phones and taking photos and videos of himself on them.  For those phones he didn’t take, he certainly gave them content to film. The boy was grooving and vibing for days! Quality footage was most definitely caught.

This show, as expected, the show was explosive and full of energy and love. LIVE has again proven that he is a quality artist who is loving and humble and was an absolute joy to have on stage. Thank you to Cult of Ya for helping bring this amazing artist and collective to London and we’d also like to give us here at Kpop Box a small pat on the back for successfully predicting the songs DPR LIVE performed in our Get To Know article.

That’s it! Another concert coverage from Kpop Box. Wonder who we’ll be writing about next!


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