Drake On A Korean Hip-Hop Music Show?!

Yes, you read the title correctly, Candian Rapper Drake may appear on MBC Music hip-hop variety show.

The show is titled “Target: Billboard – KILL BILL” (I know, an interesting name)

The show has quite an exciting format, it will pair a Korean artist with global successful artist and they will try to break and or conquer the Billboard chart. A total of 7 artists will join and it has been reported that Korean Rapper Dok2 will take part.

“Seven artists including Dok2 will compete with their performances. Each episode will have a competitive performances that is the scale and quality of a hip hop concert. The final winning ‘Kill Bill’ that is chosen through this process will collaborate with a global artist and take on Billboard charts.” – A representative

MBC Music say they are still in negotiations with Drake’s appearance.

Will you be watching?

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