[Fan Account] 24k “Still With 24U” European Tour. (It was Dope)

24K graced the London stage on 6th January. A fan of 24K, Cathrina Brinch told Kpopbox her account.

“The concert with 24K was dope! And now you have to hear why!”

“The atmosphere at the queuing was lit”

I arrived at the venue with my friends around 10am and there was already 20 people there waiting and ready to go. At first it was awkward to just stand there and do nothing but two girls walked over to us and asked us to write on the British flag that was given to the members on stage and that kinda broke the awkwardness \(^_^)/

I started chatting with two lovely girls together with my sister and friend and it was a lot of fun! The atmosphere at the queuing was lit, some people was just talking with others they didn’t know and others heard music and had a blast of a party.



The hours from 10 am to 6pm was gone in  seconds because of all the humor around us.
They were an hour late because 24K was signing the posters for the show but that was totally fine with all the people outside, no one was angry or irritated and if they were they was hiding it pretty good. \(^_^)/

We got into the venue and had our ticket, I.D and  had my bag checked before they would let us inside. A funny thing that happened to me was that I was on my way down the stairs and was trying to put my passport and ticket in my bag when I lost the passport on the floor and I went ‘Oh Shit’. What I didn’t know was that 24K’s managers were both behind me and one of them picked the passport up and gave it to me and I was so embarrassed when I found out it was the managers, but they were both really nice (:

“walk slowly up to the stage and be ready for 24K”



When we got to the floor we sat in groups of 10 people ready to give high five and get a picture taken together with the members and let me say.. they have soft hands (@_@)
Cory kept looking over to the section where I sat because the girls in front wanted his attention so I had a few good moments because it looked like he had fun. Before the concert started we was told to walk slowly up to the stage and be ready for 24K and I was one of the lucky ones to get close to the stage on almost in the middle 😍

“Hongseob sent a heart towards me”

The concert started with a blast and the crowd sang with the members and looked like they had a good time. My favourite moment was when Hongseob sent a heart towards me because I was sending a heart to him and it made my night complete 😶

24K wanted to play with the fans around the middle of the show and brought three lucky fans up the stage to have 2 minutes to learn some of the choreography of Bingo and dance together with the members who choose them 😙

The roof of the 229 Venue blew up when they started to dance and sing to Bang Bang Bang by Big Bang and it was almost better than the original 😂 When they sang Bingo the first 30 seconds you could only hear the fans and it was lit! That’s something I really like at a concert and the fans ‘helps’ the members sing because it sounds amazing and the members started to smile 😇

At the end of the concert they took a group photo before the crowd and asked us what kind of the sign we would like to make, many yelled ‘dap’ but T’T was chosen and was for me a lot better, because guys.. I’m the worst dapper in history. Even BamBam would give up on teaching me how to dap 😂



After the concert those who brought a vip ticket could walk over and get the signed poster there were with the ticket and of course you could buy merchandise. I was one of those that was unlucky with the merchandise and couldn’t buy a T-shirt and Hoodie because there was not enough for everyone.. but that’s okay, I brought my pins! 😅
The queing for the wardrobe was a little messy but that was normal at a concert because everyone wants to get out quick.
The only little minus about the concert must be that it was a little messy outside at the queing and a little messy arranged with the high touch and photo because it wasn’t anything like a ‘special moment’ with them.

 What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments!

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