[FAN ACCOUNT] CRUSH Wins Our Hearts At London Performance

CRUSH slays London just before his win at MAMA for Best Male Vocal.

“The day of Crush being in the same building as me finally arrived” – Ikran

The day had finally come, the day we, Kpopbox get to see the man that is the soul slayer or to the common folk also known as Crush. I think it is fair to say we wasn’t ready. The day started with us queuing as early as possible even though the weather was cold. (Which is an understatement)

“Although we were losing feeling in our limbs we didn’t mind. Why? Because Crush obvs.” – Ikran

“Let me say firstly, since when did we start queuing this bloody early for a hip hop concert, Korean or not. Rah. Like my friends and I rushed to the venue because we heard there were people queuing.” – Hafsa

The queuing alone proved how much London loves Crush, talking with fans and singing along to the occasional song made time fly by and next thing we know it is soon time to go in. The queue was separated and it was soon time to meet Crush.

We entered the venue and it was time to meet Crush and I will tell you now I wasn’t ready,still.


“It. was. rushed. I was like the Mr krabs meme, forreal. I was so annoyed because I didn’t even have time to try and think of a damn pose fml.” – Hafsa

I was trying to figure out whether to have my hair up or down. What was my best side again? What do I say to that beautiful man but there was no time to think about that. It was time for our picture.

“And there he was right within walking distance glowing as he usually does.” – Ikran


The whole process was rushed I was able to shake his hand and Ikran was able to thank him which he replied “No thank you”. Pictures were taken and we that was that. I slyly wish we had at least 2 minutes with him, no time to linger on the past it was time to secure our places at the front. (Thats just what we do.)

2 hours later after a DJ plays a really good set, the stage door opens and Millic appears and he killed it.

“Then comes the man of the show. Crush. His cute self walked on to stage and owned it.”

Crush killed the show his vocals were amazing, the set list was on point and his fan service didn’t disappoint.


“So the concert started and OHHHHMAGOSH. It was lit. Like when I say it was lit, I mean it was so bloody lit. The crowd was lit. His vocals were lit. His limited fanservice was lit. Being there with my girls was the highlight. I enjoyed it fully because I was surrounded by front row squad.” – Hafsa

Of course at every concert certain fans get a little too excited and the pushing began which lead 3 people being close to passing out. Crush is the only artist I have seen to stop his song half way through to check up on the girl who passed out and made sure she was ok. Crush is such a sweet heart. He then proceeded to give out water to the crowd. (whether that was giving us bottles or he had the tendency to drench us on multiple occasions like he was a rock star.)

“So Crush is doing his thing singing and chatting in Korean but people seemed to be responding? Meanwhile I didn’t understand so I’m out here screaming nooooo I don’t know. But luckily a member of staff translated for him a while later. Crushes fan service was on point. HOWEVER – I do wish the water spraying thing didn’t happen. Yeah it looks lit but like mate think about our hair. I’m sure someone behind me said their eyebrows were gone.” – Ikran

Crush went all out and proceeded to read a letter he wrote in english, where he spoke about wanting to live in London one day, then he started talking about football which got…political haha he wasn’t prepared for that one.

“Crush discovered that Arsenal is not everyone’s fave, we don’t call it soccer but football and he learnt wagwan which took a good 10 mins to learn.” – Ikran

I hope crush takes that with him everywhere

“So anyway, halfway through the concert my nosy ass looks around and I see Dean standing to the side of the stage near me. I do this pointing thing and he notices and does like that chin lift nod type of thing back. That’s when it hits me that we’re about to get two of my faves on stage! I mentally freaked out but appeared calm. Then Crush introduced Dean and the crowd goes bloody mAD. Literally insane. They somehow unlocked a level of volume that they didn’t appear to have before.”

How are we so lucky to have Crush & Dean in the same room and then they perform together. It is like I unlocked a new level in some sort of music game. The forces join unlocking this whole new lituation* which is crazy cause the venue was already on fire.

“It was such a surreal moment as we all screamed and danced along to their performances man like hafsa got the best service known to man on earth.” – Ikran



“Imagine this. Dean is on the other side.. he throws water, we all duck, we come up and all of a sudden man like Dean appears in front of her grabbing on to her hand. Absolute madness likeeeeeee.” – Ikran

Whilst this is happening I am just trying to figure out what is going on? Is this really happening?

“The crowd sang every single word which was beautiful. Damn man I loved the crowd that night. So yeah he proper pours water over the fans on the right side of stage. Im there trying to cover my face because yeah I beat it and all and NO I am not rich enough to waste makeup hehe. Ah then he comes walking right to infront of me. Like I damn right mean in. front. of. me. My man reaches out his hand and Im only recovering from the whole water throwing. I was like rah. I held his hand and he is legit holding on to my hand and singing. He didn’t even like let go of my hand or anything until he walked away. Im like omdays. Best believe I am still shaken to this day. He can pay for my therapist.” – Hafsa

The concert ended on a high Crush killed and if weren’t spoiled enough we had Dean as well. I hope Dean & Crush come back London cause we need more. The after party could of been better. The atmosphere was good but the music was…meh. It was nice to have Crush at the party which is a rarity for artist to come to there own party.

“People stood around the stage like it was a concert which was kinda weird but do you I guess. But yeah, I’m glad Crush came and I can’t believe we got Dean on top of that. I pray he comes for a full concert because I need more 😭” – Ikran


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