[Fan Account] ELO And DJ Pumkin Swooned Us All – AOMG Europe London Show

AOMG’s ELO and DJ Pumkin killed the London stage at the Camden Assembly on April 17th and are already missed like crazy!

The masses of fans were completely amazed at not only their talent, but their kind and warm hearts. The duo played tracks from ELO’s fantastic album ‘EIGHT FEMMES,’ but also some of his older tracks like ‘Denim Heather T-Shirts’ and Loco’s track ‘Good.’

Everyone at the concert was given pink roses. What a sweetheart!🌹 


“He starts spitting bars better than BeWhy! “

The venue was nice and small which made the show more intimate which was so nice and helped ELO and the fans connect. DJ Pumkin comes out and starts playing a good mixture of both AOMG and Western songs. Despite the decks being extremely high, which meant that you couldn’t see him very clearly, you’d see him pop out on occasion and interact with ELO. An absolutely amazing moment was when Pumkin was playing Simon Dominic’s ‘Who You?’ when ELO comes up from the side to get on stage, and after a small interaction with Pumkin, he starts spitting bars better than BeWhy! You could tell he got excited by the way he jumped forward during Simon’s verse going into the chorus. Maybe ELO should consider a rap album.

“Is this London? I think it’s Korea”

ELO is not only an extremely talent human being, but he is also immensely kind and warm and loving. With what little English he knew, he managed to communicate with the fans perfectly and understand the love we have for him. He would frequently talk to the fans, stating how he was both nervous and excited to perform in London as it is his first time performing out of South Korea. The fans were brilliant and would say Korean phrases to him to help with communication and he would be so happy to hear it. Upon hearing the crowd speak Korean he said “Is this London? I think it’s Korea” much to our amusement. The fans and ELO shared many laughs and he liked to crack a joke here and there, “I’m ELO. I’m from Korea… South Korea.” He was so cute! He was shocked that we knew the words to his songs and were singing them back to him and that he was worried about what we’d think, “I was worried because I don’t have turn up songs (then proceeds to sing Simon D’s ‘Who You?)” but the fans quickly reassured him that it didn’t matter because we loved his music.

ELO facetimed Sik-K?

Arguably one of the highlights of the night was when ELO facetimed rapper Sik-K, who facetimed ELO during his FLIP tour last October. After a few rings (ring ring, ring ring, ring ring can I hit you up?) he finally answers and proceeds to say “I love you Paris.” If Sik-K says this is Paris, then this is Paris. He also started singing his song ‘Rendezvous’ which the crowd sang along with him as when Sik-K called ELO at his show, the fans sang his song ‘Rose.’ ELO then tells the crowd that this was the reason he wanted to come to London and that he was touched. We must protect him at all costs!

ELO closed the show with my personal favourites, ‘Tattoo’ and ‘Rose.’ He kept removing his ear piece so he could hear the crowd sing along with all their might which brought a smile to his face. He even separately recorded the crowd singing the hook of ‘Tattoo’ which made his smile grow even wider. During ‘Rose,’ everyone brought out their roses and waved them in the air while singing the entirety of the song which was a lovely moment to be a part of. The fans and ELO were connected in the moment and it was truly magical.




I was lucky enough to meet both DJ Pumkin and ELO by accident! I only briefly met Pumkin and got a photo with him but when I met ELO, I managed to have a small conversation with him. He thanked us for coming to the show and said he was deeply touched by the fan’s reaction. This was also where I found out that he wanted the fans to have roses when I offered him mine, my heart melted. We quickly took a photo and left him to enjoy his evening while we skipped down the street, absolutely buzzing.

The night was magical and more than we could have ever hoped for. The atmosphere was one of love and respect and I believe the fans truly connected with ELO. We sincerely hope he comes back soon and tells the other AOMG members of this fantastic night.


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