[FAN ACCOUNT] Infinite Effect London Show 9/10/15 – How “BAD” were the crowds?

Infinite was crazy. BEYOND CRAZY.
I had got to the venue around midnight or so and saw only around 10-15 max people there. I had to get a number and was around 40 something in the queue. Which was weird because there wasnt that many people there. I had found out this was a new numbering system and the last one had around 80 plus people on it. The fansites started it and went to sleep in the hotel next door. (Lucky them). Apparently it was an agreement to meet again at 6am. Around 2am fans camping outside had gotten very pissed off and said that it was unfair that they had to wait there in the cold while the fansites slept until 6am, so they started a whole new numbering system. This is where the mayhem started.


Everyone was given a new number and anyone who came from then onwards had a new number too. The whole thing blew up once the fan sites came back. Everyone started arguing and what not. Then it suddenly became calm and everyone lined up according to the fan sites numbering system. It was so calm until 9am when the queue grew way longer. It had got to around 200. The people who had came around that time were confused why people came early. The venue knew people would line up over night regardless of what they said so they allowed people to do it quietly. They also were confused about the numbering system because the venue had also said that numbering will not be allowed and it is all based on first come first serve. So even if you were number 184726, once the barriers went up and you stood there you could be what ever number they wouldn’t care.

Anyways shit gets crazier now. The fans at the back saw one barrier go up and they all ran forward making a whole mess of everything and leaving the people at the front very angry. Some people tried to make the queue calm again but they had got frustrated and were very very angry and even got physical and verbal to others. People refused to line up. Barriers went up along the side and I and around 40 people didn’t know this and just were calmly lining up where we were. We didn’t know what to do because we couldn’t join that line since it was full and didn’t want to join the other line around the side of the pub because it wasn’t fair to be at the back.
The lady running the whole security system apparently spoke to her manager and she just put up a barrier next to us and said we would go first. I truly understood how unfair it was to other people in the other lines who had also lined up super earlier than me or with me overnight so I felt anxious. Mostly anxious because I didn’t want them to think I had anything to do with the decision of the manager.
After we all were let in, I had got to the front which was A+++++ because I was super excited and ready for this whole concert after hours of endless drama and trouble. Nope. What was had happened before the concert was like the calm before the storm. Yes. The calm before the storm.

During the concert, people pushed and shoved and apparently were intentionally hurting other to get to the front. So crazy. I was up against barrier so you could imagine how the metal railing was crushing my ribs. Dongwoo saw this madness going on and told people to step back but they only moved forward. Ugh. People where being taken out left, right and centre. My friend was taken out and another friend was dragged behind from the front to 3rd or 4th row. People were so so so vicious. It was like all people thought was every man for themselves because noone if helped people that were fainting. It was so so sad. Infinite didnt deserve to witness this. They apparently missed some songs because it was getting that crazy and didnt give out toys like they normally do. So upsetting.

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All that aside, I had a rollercoaster of a time. The fanservice was on point. Went in a Dongwoo bias came out converted to Sungjongism. (Dongwoo still has my heart tho). Sungjong kept licking his lips, blowing kiss, throwing hearts, countless winks and spinechilling stares. I was truly in love hahaha. The boys moves were on point. Poor baby Hoya couldnt dance so I can only imagine how upset he would have been. Sungkyu seemed to have had the most fans in London and Woohyun the least, judging by the screams. I had countless fanservice so I feel very lucky. 4/7 of them took selfies on my phone. I died. Yes I am writing for above right now LOL. So happy I had this experience. I am still recovering from post concert depression so I shall be in hiding for a couple of weeks to recover. Looking over my pictures and fancams.


-Hafsa- (twitter: @ach_sa)

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