[Fan Account] When Marta Met Taehyun #FANGOALS

How often do you dream you could randomly bump into an idol we know and love? Have you ever thought what you would do in that circumstance? Would you keep it cool or would you be flustered? I had the delight with talking with Marta and her experience with meeting former WINNER member Taehyun. 

Marta is a 23-year-old Spanish senior exchange student currently studying Asian culture and Korean language at Incheon National University. Due to her studies and work, she told me it is hard to call herself a big fan as she barely has time to attend concerts, fan meets or pre-recordings but she has followed YG group WINNER since debut.

When Taehyun left Winner I was confused and sad. I cried for almost a week, I can’t say he is my favourite one because I like all of them the same way. But when Taehyun started doing music again I feel relieved and started supporting him in his solo activities

(WINNER w/ Nam Taehyun during Empty Promotions)

Marta continued stating she was on a date with her boyfriend in Itaewon the day she saw Taehyun.

We were looking for a place to eat and suddenly my boyfriend wanted to enter vintage clothing shop and I followed him. When we were done I told him to go and when I opened the door Taehyun entered! 

She said that if it wasn’t for her boyfriend she probably wouldn’t have approached Taehyun as she didn’t want to disturb him.

He was with his band and I couldn’t articulate a word. I was so shocked, my boyfriend had to get me out of the shop and he was constantly asking what happened. Then I told him omg he is Nam Taehyun!!! And he told me to go and get a pic.

I was like no I don’t want to disturb him and after a moment I entered the shop and ask him in Korean if I could take a selfie with him and the shop owner was like no don’t take pictures of the clothing and he took off his jacket and took a selfie with me 🙈 how kind and good boy he is.

Then I told him 화이팅 I will always be cheering you up no matter what. And he smiled back at me and I came out of the shop

Then after dinner I saw a post in his insta saying he was doing a live presentation with his band and we went there. I think he evolved as a musician and he is doing what he wants to do so I want to ask every IC to support him, we know he deserves the best and he is happy now.

I wanted to share the pic with everyone to support him, to say to all fans he is back and he is doing ok!

Marta said it best, Nam Taehyun is very talented and deserves the best. I cannot wait to hear his sound and to see him flourish.

Thank you, Marta, for your account and everyone follow her IG: @haeyeonah

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