Former Miss A Jia Are Making “Them Boys Sweat” with Chinese Debut

Since the departure from Miss A, it broke a lot of fans hearts…don’t worry guys because Jia is back with her Chinese debut Drip. She has come back bigger and better.

Jia looks badass with her new song Drip. The video starts off strong with her pulling up and stepping out with her girls all in black.

She looks sexy and fierce at the same time and as soon as she hits her first move that fierceness increases. She went 0-100 real quick. Her dancing was amazing as per usual and she sure knows how to pop that booty. (GET IT GIRL!)

All her outfits, hair and make up was on point…I was feeling that yellow one piece, yes girl do your thang.

It is a shame she is no longer apart of Miss A but at least we can still see her shine.

She make will “make you drip boy” – Yes JYP I am looking at you haha, you let a good one go!

Watch the Music Video here!



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