Goodbye Top Dogg And Hello XENO-T: A New Rebrand

Topp Dogg’s fan cafe announced that they will be re-branding as a 5 member group called XENO-T.

XENO-T  consist of Yano, Xero, B-Joo, Sangdo and Hojoon. A-TOM was not announced as part of the new group but this is probably due to his activities with JBJ.XENO-T is a combination of “xenogeneic” and “top-class.”

XENO-T is a combination of “xenogeneic” and “top-class.”

B-Joo will now go by the name of B-Jyu and Yano will go by his real name Sangwon.

Hopefully, this new rebrand works out for the group. So goodbye Topp Dogg and hello XENO-T.

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